Our alumni: keeping in touch with the FH Kufstein Tirol

The FH Kufstein offers its alumni a range of valuable services. Highlights of happenings at the university are communicated via newsletter, e-mail and the FH Magazine. Alumni also receive invitations to events, expert lectures and professional congresses.

The opinions that our alumni hold of their studies are of special importance to us, and to this end we ask them to take part in an annual survey. In particular, the questionnaires serve to gather information about how and to which extent the knowledge acquired during one’s studies is being exploited in professional practice. Concrete, qualified advice and ideas flow back into considerations for the continuous development of program offerings and of the educational concepts within them.

We would be pleased if you join the growing number of FH Kufstein alumni who have decided to stay connected with and act as ambassadors for their alma mater.

Ich bin raus – Peter Schöffel zu Gast an der FH Kufstein Tirol
Im Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe „Menschen hinter der Marke“ des Studiengangs Internationale Wirtschaft und Management der FH Kufstein Tirol, war in diesem Jahr der Unternehmer Peter Schöffel zu Gast.

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Facility Management & Real Estate Management WinterSchool der FH Kufstein Tirol erhält Auszeichnung der UNESCO
Das internationale Kurzstudienprogramm der FH Kufstein Tirol aus dem Studiengang Facility Management & Immobilienwirtschaft erhält UNESCO Auszeichnung im Bereich „Bildung für nachhaltige Entwicklung“.

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3. Internationales Symposium Restrukturierung
Die Jahreskonferenz 2014, das 3. Internationale Symposium Restrukturierung, fand am 10. Oktober 2014 an der Fachhochschule Kufstein statt.

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