International Business Studies: Master-Studentin im Interview

15.07.2011 | Allgemein
"An exchange semester made me aware of the high quality of the FH Kufstein – the competent, international lecturers, the extracurricular student activities, the helpful stuff and the resources", so Sara Naamad, B.BA.

Von April bis Juli berichten wöchentlich zwei Studierende der Bachelor- & Master-Studiengänge der FH Kufstein über ihre Studienerfahrungen. Diese Woche führten wir ein Interview mit Sara Naamad, B.BA., Studentin des Vollzeit-Master-Studienganges International Business Studies.

  • Why have you decided on the master degree program „International Business Studies“? What does make it special?
    Choosing the international business studies master program at the FH Kufstein was a decision I took with no hesitation. The reason was that while I was doing my bachelor at Al-Akhawayn University in Morocco, my friends and I decided to discover the beautiful Austrian scenery and culture. Therefore, in winter 2006/2007, we headed to Kufstein on a unique exchange semester adventure.  This experience was without a doubt beyond my expectations; it made me aware of the high quality of FH Kufstein study programs, the availability of competent international lecturers and professors, the wide variety of extracurricular student activities, the welcoming and helpful stuff, and last but not least, the vast availability of resources (computer room, library, electronic resources…) that provide students with all the necessary elements and tools for a successful academic university experience.  Furthermore, the master of international business studies is a 100 % English program with international lecturers from all over the globe and thereby international course content. Having international lecturers was very pleasing as every professor was giving us insights about his or her own business experience from the perspective of his or her own country. Such properties are ideal for those aiming to join the global market scene.  Not to forget, the mesmerizing Austrian nature and its beautiful culture constituted an incentive for pursing my studies at the FH Kufstein. Coming from an Arabic and Muslim background, this experience has thought me to respect and appreciate others’ traditions, values and norms which also a property that facilitates working in a multinational structure.
  • Which lectures have you attended up to now and what have you learned?
    Now, In the last part of my studies I realize what rich learning experience those 2 years have been. During this period, I have learnt how to sharpen my critical thinking skills, reflect & analyse, and most importantly compare about the differences that exists in terms of strategies between developed markets and emerging ones. For the purpose of having a polyvalent degree, our program entails various other core and elective relevant courses such as: econometrics (I&II), political and economic thought (I&II), business ethics, negotiation techniques, conflict management and so forth…
  • Have you already participated in a FH project? What was it about? What have you contributed?
    As I am not a German speaker, I unfortunately could not participate in all the projects I wish I could have joined especially with the students’ union. However, within the international business master program, I had the chance to work with my classmates on several interesting case studies and projects in almost every course. In this respect, such advanced teaching practices make understanding theory a much easier task.
  • Which career plans do you have?
    I was always fascinated by multinational structures; therefore my dream career would be to have a marketing management position in a multinational organization preferably in fashion or the clothes retail industry.