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Anne Stöckmann, B.A.

During my Bachelor studies in International Business which I completed in my home country Germany, I was already sure that I would like to directly follow up with some Master studies. As I am a very cosmopolitan person, I also took into consideration to do it abroad. However, in the light of extensive tuition fees in most of the countries I was considering, it became clear quite quickly that I wanted to stay in Germany… or to go to Austria.

In the process of collecting information I recognized quickly that the International Business Studies programme offered at the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein fully corresponds to my expectations. On the one hand, the curriculum with a major in Marketing was exactly what I was looking for. On the other hand, I was convinced by the fact that the whole programme is taught in English.

Meanwhile, I’m in the 3rd semester and still sure that I took the right decision. Besides the Marketing courses which are taught in step with actual practice, continuously supported by case studies, I’m enjoying a profound education in several issues of economics and other business subjects which form an important basis for my career. With only 15 students in the course, the lectures are very intensive as well as interactive, and it is always possible for the lecturer to respond to questions of each individual.

Due to the fact that the programme is fully taught in English, lecturers from the UK, Ireland, Australia etc. are commissioned. The exchange with them about current issues and trends in Marketing and other business aspects is particularly interesting, and allows us to get an insight into other cultures’ perspectives. I also like the fact that our grades are not simply based on one written exam at the end of the semester but that we are asked to apply our acquired knowledge in projects, presentations and academic papers. All in all, I think that these studies are preparing me well for my future professional life, and represent a stepping stone for an international career.

Moreover, Kufstein and the surrounding region have a lot to offer, especially to people who love nature and mountains. In every season a variety of outdoor activities can be done. For me as a passionate skier it is great that it just takes me 15 minutes to get to Austria’s largest skiing area.

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