Out of the Box Vol. 3 - Swap’n’music

Kufstein's most charming swap event with live music is back!

How many objects are sitting in your closet being unused and unloved? Don’t you think they deserve a second chance?! On Thursday, January 17, from 5pm to 10pm, you have the opportunity to swap them at the charming Wine- and Arts bar Vitus & Urban. Because swapping is fun. And swapping makes sense! Let us together take a stand against throwaway mentality!
Did you ever swap knitted socks for a playstation? Or a cactus for a tennis racket? At Out of the Box everything is possible! We turn our back on financial values. For what is no longer useful to one person, might be precious to another. Who knows – maybe your new favorite object is waiting at Out of the Box?!

Let’s swap with a glas of wine and good music! We are bringing the musical talents of Kufstein up to stage and present local bands with the chance to win over the audience – you! From young talents to mature hobby musicians, from Jazz, Blues & Folk to Rock’n’Roll:
Let us surprise you!

How does it work?
• Free entry. No registration needed.
• You can bring and swap up to 10 different objects.
• For each object you bring, you receive a special coin at the reception.
• Each coin you can then swap for any other object you like!

Rules?! Even though you can swap anything for anything, the objects you bring with you should be in good condition. Broken, damaged or short-life food products as well as disposable objects like pens or matches will not be accepted.

Swappers get rewarded! For everyone who participates in the swapping and brings objects, specials like an OOTB drink or discount vouchers are waiting!

You still have questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us via Out.Of.The.Boxfh-kufstein.ac.at

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Promo Video zum Out of the Box - Tauschevent Kufstein

17.01.2019, 17:00 - 22:00
Vitus & Urban, Marktgasse 2, 6330 Kufstein