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The eLearning Competence Center (eLCC) at the FH Kufstein Tirol has for many years supported both teachers and students by developing innovative teaching methods. It focuses on blended learning approaches that add e-learning elements to the standard learning units during which students are present.

Learning management system

Moodle is used as the learning management system at FH Kufstein. Students use it throughout their study program. It can be used to upload documents, interact with students, post tasks and acquire knowledge independently. The interface to the campus management system simplifies the organizational process and makes it possible to take different requirements into consideration.

Moodle also offers developed modules to simplify its day to day usability. For example, mobile users can access important pieces of information about lectures using their mobile phones or use their tablets to take part in a lecture.

In addition to Moodle, other supportive e-learning programs are also available. They give students the opportunity to visit the virtual classroom, to give just one example. This makes it possible to hold video conferences for course participants.