Die Vortragenden des TEDxFHKufstein (v.l Jonas Gössling. Costantino Carrara, Michael Rossié, Andy Haxby, Eric Steinberger, Desmond McGetrick, Stefan Lingler, Etienne Koo; Robert Schwertner fehlt im Bild)

Sold-out hall at the TEDxFHKufstein event under the motto “Envision”

20.06.2018 | General
On June 16, the third TEDx was held at FH Kufstein Tirol. Eight speakers and two video talks captivated visitors and took them on an imaginative journey under the topic of “Envision”.

Eight perfectly prepared presentations, two entertaining video talks, a sold-out hall – the third TEDx was a tremendous success. The third TEDxFHKufstein event was held on June 16. On this afternoon under the motto of “Envision”, visitors were torn out of their usual way of thinking and everyday routines.

As every year, students of the extra-occupational master degree program Web Communication & Information Systems organized the idea conference. “Of course, we were faced with a big challenge in getting such an enormous event off the ground in addition to our studies and work.” However, we believe that our efforts were worth it, and we are happy with the result,” explained Christian Feuchtner, head of the TEDxFHKufstein team. This year, TEDx was once again received very positively by visitors. “I am very happy that our event was sold out and the speakers left a lasting impression with all 100 guests,” Feuchtner continued.

Eight exciting live presentations from a broad range of topics

The event began with a musical presentation by Jonas Gößling who demonstrated how easy it is to learn to play the piano with his app flowkey. Costantino Carrara, a well-known pianist whose videos already received millions of clicks online, accompanied him. Eric Steinberger, who is only 19 years old, was also on stage and impressively demonstrated how artificial neural networks work using simple examples. Etienne Koo explained how 3D body scanners will soon lead to many changes, especially in the clothing industry and for online shopping. In the end, Robert Schwertner alias CryptoRobby illustrated the still current topic of blockchains and presented ideas how we as humans can sustainably benefit from this technology.

Andy Haxby devoted himself to intercultural cooperation on IT projects. Desmond McGetrick encouraged people to not only imagine an ideal world, but also pursue and implement it in reality. Stefan Lingler talked about his and his team’s success story of transferring one of the most personal shopping experiences, the flea market into the online world. Michael Rossié prepared the audience for public presentations or appearances before the camera.

All presentations will soon be published on the official TEDx YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/TEDxTalks and at www.tedxfhkufstein.at.

TEDxFHKufstein goes green

This was the first year in which TEDxFHKufstein presented itself as a Going Green Event. Green Events Tirol is an initiative of the Climate Alliance Tirol and the Tirolean Environment Association in cooperation with the province of Tirol for the promotion of environmentally and socially compatible event culture. A Green Event is characterized by sustainable planning, organization and implementation.