Profilbild eines Studenten

Alexander Führen

Student Business Management, study year 2014

  • Why did you choose the full-time Business Management Bachelor´s program? What makes this program special for you?

After graduating from school, I took a year off to go abroad and work to fund my degree. Experiences I had over the course of this year reinforced my wish to start a management degree. On top of that, I had some business ideas that I did not know how to realize. That made me look for a suitable university of applied sciences. Studying at any other university was out of the question for me because I learn best when I am able to apply knowledge. I found the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences and went straight to visit it to get a better idea of it. The Business Management curriculum immediately convinced me; it is very practical and includes the founding of enterprises as one of its focus points. It was mainly the latter that made me decide on this program. These two aspects make the program special to me.

  • Have you ever taken part in an study project before? What was it about? How did you contribute?

Actually, I am currently working on a project called the 7 Euro Cash Project, which is about realizing a business idea within seven weeks with €7 seed capital. For that project, we work in groups of six. The project is a competition between all the teams of a year group. The three best projects win prizes. The main point, however, is to apply knowledge gained during the first semester and execute the founding of a business for the first time. At the end of the seven weeks, all the groups' prize money is donated for a good cause. Personally, I think this project is a brilliant idea because it allows me to learn which hurdles have to be overcome when successfully starting up a company. I was group manager and had to coordinate the whole process as well as provide sales support.

  • What career plans do you have?

I have very clear career plans.

At the latest after graduating, I am going to found a business. I envision this first business to develop quickly and fund a second business foundation. My plan is to found many companies to develop a network in which the businesses can financially support each other. We will see whether I manage to create an affiliated group. One thing is for sure: I have big plans and will do anything to realize them. In the long run, I want to end up with enough money and influence to be able to really change something in the world. Just donating for a good cause is not enough for me. I want to actively do something. That way I can ensure that the money goes to the right things.

I can only recommend the Business Management program to anybody who is planning on founding or taking over a company at some point. The breadth of knowledge that is taught in the program and especially the high level of practical relevance are worth a mint.