Anna-Maria Mair

Graduate year 2010

  • Why did you decide to attend the bachelor degree program Web Business & Technology? What makes it such a special program in your eyes?
    While I was in secondary school – I went to a business academy – I became very interested in everything related to the World Wide Web. I wanted to learn much more about it and somehow turn it into my profession, and so I decided to continue my education. I couldn’t really see myself going to a university because the programs I looked at didn’t seem very practically oriented. In contrast, in the program Web Business & Technology at the FH Kufstein – more specifically in the third and fourth semesters of the program – I saw that students are required to carry out real projects with companies in the industry. And the fact that the program offered an organized semester abroad helped me decide in favor of the FH Kufstein.
  • Which courses have you attended so far and what have you learned in or through them?

    I have attended a number of subjects economic subjects like Accounting and Business Administration. In the field of IT, I have done Software Development, where I learned the basics of programming in PHP and Java, and Data Engineering, where I learned about data modeling and applied the concepts to practical cases.

     Even though I was not particularly fond of it, I was required to take Discrete Mathematics because it is part of the fundamental knowledge that every IT specialist needs. In the course Fundamentals of Information Technology the aim was to familiarize ourselves with and understand the construction and functionality of a data processing system. And in Software Engineering we studied the various aspects that must be considered when carrying out a software project.

  • Have you already worked on any projects at the FH Kufstein? What did the projects deal with? How did you contribute to the projects?
    On the very first day of our studies, two representatives from the Tyrolean Chamber of Commerce introduced us to a project. The objective was to create a set of guidelines with respect to Internet commerce for sole proprietorships as well as for small and medium-sized enterprises. In groups of three and over the course of the semester, we worked out one of the seven chapters and presented it to the Chamber of Commerce. Our group focused on project planning and realization.
  • What career aspirations do you have?
    At present I can imagine working in the field of Web marketing management or Web consulting. Ideally, I would like to work as an advisor between the executive and programmer levels of a company, to act as a knowledgeable interface between the economic and technological sides.