Denis Sabic

Graduate year 2010

  • Why did you decide to study for the bachelor degree in “Web Business & Technology”? What do you think is special about this degree?
    Already during business school at Wörgl my main emphasis was business information technology. I learned the basics of the Internet, software development and database creation. I was able to use and refine this knowledge in the course of my high-school diploma project. As a result of my previous knowledge and interests I decided in favor of the bachelor degree program for “Web Business & Technology” at the University of Applied Sciences in Kufstein. A professional Internet presence is becoming increasingly important for businesses. That’s why qualified professionals are needed.
  • Which lectures have you attended so far and what have you learned?
    The courses and lectures I have attended range from business content such as accounting and economics to technical topics such as software development and operating system architecture. In addition, the degree program covers social skills and presentation techniques.
  • Have you already taken part in a project? What was it about? What was your contribution?
    In the first semester we were commissioned by the Tyrolean Economic Chamber to prepare a guideline for one-person companies and small and medium-sized companies. The purpose of the guideline was to facilitate the entry into e-commerce for these companies and to point out important aspects. Since the start of the second semester I have been working together with people from the “Facility and Real Estate Management” bachelor degree program on a project concerned with the energy monitoring of the FH Kufstein. My job is to graphically evaluate and record the information provided by the software which controls and monitors the building that houses the FH Kufstein. I am supported by a team consisting of lecturers, staff and partners of the FH Kufstein.
  • What career plans do you have?
    I would like to work as a management assistant or to act as an interface between the sales and marketing department and the IT department.