Felicia Kerschbaum, M.A.

Graduate year 2010

  • Why have you decided for the master’s degree program “Sports, Culture and Event Management”? What makes it special for you?
    I can work an industry which I am interested in and that I enjoy and this enables to take away that forever negative connotation of work. The combination of sports, culture and event management entails a lot of change and current issues and therefore isn’t boring.
  • What courses have you attended so far and what have you learnt?
    Various courses, e.g. event conception and design, venue management or sports marketing. My conclusion for the learning inputs so far taught is: the combination of professionalism and creativity and raising the awareness for sustainability. That runs like a red thread through the entire study program.
  • Have you already worked on a project? What was it about? What have you contributed?
    During the study program you get in close touch with a lot of projects. Especially interesting for me was a study that deals with the internationalization and the export of training courses as well as with the setting up of an event academy. This makes clear how innovation potential and globalization interact and that it is not future-oriented to just look at you own matters. As the different elements are closely connected, the responsibilties were very much intertwined and therefore more exciting.
  • To what extent, do you think, are job, studies and private life compatible?
    I think time management is the most important factor. Everything is feasible, but you shouldn’t take everything to heart. You should always balance it with something else. Acceptance and a supporting environment – in the job, the studies or private life – make difficult times easier and increase motivation.
  • What career opportunities do you expect from your master’s degree??
    To put to own values, ideas and concepts into practice without restrictions and support them with one’s specialization. Also, to approach new fields with an open mind.