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Company Successions and Takeovers

level of course unit

first cycle, Bachelor

Learning outcomes of course unit

• are familiar with the basic concepts and characteristics of company successions as a variant of professional independence.
• understand the phases of company succession.
• are familiar with the essential factors required to design successful succession processes.
• are able to implement the variants of takeover and succession processes if necessary for their own future takeover and succession plans.

prerequisites and co-requisites

not applicable

course contents

• Introduction to the topic: quantitative and qualitative significance of successions
• Fundamentals of terminology and content
• Problem areas of the succession process
• Succession process: objective and planning from the point of view of the party handing over control of the company
• Succession process: objective and planning from the point of view of the party receiving control of the company
• Real-life examples

recommended or required reading

Schmeisser W./ Krimphove, D./ Nathusius, K. (Hrsg.) (2003): Handbuch der Unternehmensnachfolge;
Wirtschaftskammern Österreichs Gründer-Service (2005) (Hrsg.): Leitfaden zur Betriebsnachfolge, 6. Auflage (download unter
Weishaupt, M. (2015): Radikal anders. Die DNA erfolgreicher Familienunternehmen

assessment methods and criteria

project work and case study

language of instruction


number of ECTS credits allocated


planned learning activities and teaching methods

Lecture, group work, presentation and task discussion

semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered


name of lecturer(s)

Dott. Markus Weishaupt

year of study

2.year of studies

recommended optional program components

not applicable

course unit code


type of course unit


mode of delivery

In-class course

work placement(s)

not applicable