Business Management FT
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Key learning outcomes

The foremost learning and training objective is to equip future executive employees for demanding tasks and roles in the management of companies. Skills in company management are essential in order to fill executive positions at all hierarchical levels.

The taught program content initially provides a broad coverage of basic economics with a strong management orientation. What distinguishes this program from others is that fundamental competences are taught both in the areas of business start-ups (entrepreneurship), business consolidation in growth phases, business handover and succession, and in the area of integrated and sustainable business management (at middle management level) on the principle of modern entrepreneurship.

Program graduates are in a position

  • to understand the business-administrative and ethical aspects of entrepreneurship;
  • to address strategic, process-, resource-, market-and value-oriented problems of business management;
  • to successfully apply instruments for solving financial problems of business management;
  • to organize the entire management process of a business start-up and succession;
  • to produce and critically assess business plans for companies;
  • to solve management challenges in mid-level executive positions successfully.