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Energy Business FT

Bachelor's degree program

Profile of the Program

This degree program is taught primarily in German.

The management of commodities, such as electricity, gas, and heat, requires analytical thinking and structured working methods. Innovative ideas and a solid technical understanding are necessary to be well prepared for the challenges of our time. The Bachelor's degree program Energy Business conveys comprehensive knowledge in business, technology, and management –  always in the context of the practices of the energy industry. Experts from the industry show the students all the facets of the modern energy industry, which needs qualified young professionals more than ever.


Equal Opportunities Scholarship for nationals of third countries (non-EU, non-EEA and non-Swiss nationals)

A special scholarship for applicants for the Bachelor’s degree program in Energy Business.

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  • Comprehensive academic education in business, engineering, and management
  • Sustainability, energy transition, and digitization
  • Intensive supervision through university and guest teachers
  • Practical relevance through industrial projects, stays abroad, and internships
  • Introduction to research and working methods

Vocational fields

  • Energy suppliers and municipal utilities
  • Energy-intensive industrial companies
  • Balancing group management
  • Energy consulting
  • Energy sales and regulation management
  • Project design of power generation plants


  • 18% Energy technology
  • 15% Energy business
  • 14% Management and digitalization
  • 17% International competence
  • 12% Social skills
  • 24% Practice transfer

Sustainability - Energy Transition - Digitization

Energy consulting provides the impetus for sustainable development of our energy industry. Energy-intensive industrial companies contribute significantly to the energy transition by exploiting energy-saving opportunities. Balancing group management and project development for renewable energy ensure that the financial books of plants are balanced correctly and generate revenues. Digitalization presents municipal utilities and energy suppliers with new tasks. For these issues, the availability of qualified professionals is a key to success in the industry. The industry needs employees who enjoy communicating with customers and have the courage to come up with new ideas.

Path to becoming an energy specialist

The first year of the program focuses on economic, technical, and social skills. The second year builds on this with expert knowledge in the fields of renewable energies, digitization, and management. In seminars and practical projects, the students work on and present the perspectives on energy and infrastructure of other cultures. A 14-week internship paves the way to working life or a Master's degree.

Here are some of the practical projects that have been successfully completed by the year group so far.



6 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Bachelor of Arts in Business (B.A.)

Language of instruction

German, at least 20% English

Semester abroad

Organized semester abroad, 5th semester


€ 363.36* + € 20,20 student union fee per semester

Organisational form


Places per year


Level of qualification:
first cycle, bachelor

Admission requirements:
view this link.

* Third country students: