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Selected Topics Economics

level of course unit

Advanced knowledge, immersion

Learning outcomes of course unit

Graduates are able to: - describe and apply basic concepts and methods of economics. - describe and apply detailed concepts and contexts of economics. - critically evaluate and question methods and concepts of economics. - apply and analyze methods and concepts of economics in the context of real estate related issues.

prerequisites and co-requisites

Lecture "Introduction to Economics" VWL.1

course contents

Students acquire basic knowledge and detailed information about the individual disciplines. A few examples of the subject areas which will be addressed are: - economic theory - microeconomics - macroeconomics - econometrics - regional economy - real estate industry - economic policy - external sector theory - environmental industry - financial studies

recommended or required reading

- Krugman, P, Wells, R.: Volkswirtschaftslehre, Schäffer Poeschel München, 1. Auflage, 2010 - Varian, H.: Grundzühe der Mikroökonomik, Oldenbourg Wissenschaftsverlag München, 8. Auflage, 2011 - Mankiw, G.: Makroökonomik, Schäffer Poeschel München, 6. Auflage, 2011 - Blanchard, O., Illing, G.: Makroökonomie, Person Verlag München, 6. Auflage, 2014 - Wigger, B.: Grundzüge der Finazwissenschaft, Springer Verlag Berlin, 2. Auflage, 2006 - Krugman, P., Obstfeld, M., Melitz, M.: Internationale Wirtschaft, Person Verlag München, 9. Auflage, 2011 - Klump, R.: Wirtschaftspolitik, Person Verlag München, 3. Auflage, 2013 - Stocker, H.: Ökonometrie: Grundlagen und Methoden, Person Verlag München, 1. Auflage, 2014 - Ecky, H.: Regionalökonomie, Springer Gabler Berlin, 1. Auflage, 2008 - Pirounakis, N.: Real Estate Economics: A Point-to-Point Handbook, Routledge, 1. Auflage, 2013

assessment methods and criteria

Term paper, presentation, written examination

language of instruction


number of ECTS credits allocated


planned learning activities and teaching methods

Lecture, group work, presentation and discussion of tasks

semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered


name of lecturer(s)

Dr. Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Mag. Wolfgang Brunauer,Dr. Marcelo Cajias,director of studies,Dr. Mag. Robert Wieser,Prof. (FH) Mag. (FH) Emanuel Stocker,Prof. (FH) Dr. David Koch,Dr. Mag. (FH) Sebastian Keiler,Markus Flaumitsch, MSc

year of study

2. Year of studies

recommended optional program components


course unit code


type of course unit

Compulsory subject

mode of delivery

20% web-based self-learning unit, 80% in class course (integrated lecture)

work placement(s)

Not applicable