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Rupert Scharfetter

Rupert Scharfetter
  • Why did you decide to attend the bachelor degree program Web Business & Technology at the FH Kufstein? What makes it such a special program in your eyes?
    After graduating from secondary school, I wanted to go to university and earn a degree through a classical program in business administration. I’ve always been interested in commerce, most likely because my mother is an entrepreneur. Because of this connection to the field, I am aware that many work processes in companies are increasingly supported by IT infrastructure and software as well as the Web. And that’s actually what motivated me to study a combination of economics and information technology. The degree program Web Business & Technology at the FH Kufstein has exactly the broad spectrum of courses I was looking for. I was also interested in the program’s possibilities for the semester abroad because such experiences are very beneficial for a career in international commerce.
  • Which courses have you attended so far and what have you learned in or through them? Have you experienced any exciting challenges? 
    As I was just saying, the courses range from the classical lectures in business administration like Economics or Internal Accounting to purely technical seminars and tutorials like Operating System Architecture and Software Development. Actually, the entire study program has been very challenging. There is a lot to learn every semester, which requires a lot of discipline and determination, but still I have been having a really great time.
  • Have you had any special experiences during your studies? Which impressions did these experiences give you and how have they changed your view of your studies?

    For my last vacation I travelled to the West Coast of the USA, where among other places I visited the Silicon Valley. That was a must-see for me as a student of Web-Business & Technology, and it really was a very special place. Silicon Valley is located just south of the metropolis San Francisco and it is world famous because of the many high-tech companies that have their headquarters there.

     And because I am a disciple of Apple, I was especially drawn to the Apple Campus in Cupertino. The campus is so huge that there are shuttle buses to transport employees from one building to another. And it seemed that the entire atmosphere there was very relaxed, which is very much in line with Steve Jobs’s philosophy of life, “Stay hungry, stay foolish” – at least judging from what I saw because for outsiders it is only possible to visit a small store on the campus, unfortunately. The security staff make sure that visitors don’t wander into any other buildings.

     But it’s the same with every other company. I also passed by Oracle, Google, Intel, and McAfee, but I only saw these companies from outside, too. The companies are obviously not interested in welcoming curious tourists from Europe. OK, I’m just joking. But the day I spent in Silicon Valley gave me a big boost to continue my studies in Kufstein. Maybe one day, with great deal of diligence and a bit of luck, I could end up working inside one of those great companies.

  • In the coming semester there will also be a number challenges awaiting you, for example, projects with clients in the IT industry and your first bachelor thesis. What are you looking forward to in particular and what do you think will be especially demanding?
    Of course I’m really excited about the practical projects. I think everyone in our class is eager to finally put all the theories about business and technology we have learned over the first two semesters into practice in the context of real projects with real clients. And I’m actually also looking forward to doing the research for the bachelor thesis. I feel quite well prepared thanks to courses like Scientific Methods & Writing, which we already had in the first semester. And another thing I can’t wait for in the third semester is starting up with a second foreign language.
  • What career aspirations do you have after graduation?
    At the moment I am mostly interested in getting a good education and developing personally. I would definitely like to get an entry level position in IT management after I graduate, and I’m pretty sure that I will also study in a master’s degree program on the side. But that’s all a long way off; right now I just have to concentrate on getting my bachelor’s degree. Anyway, I’m a very open person and when the time comes, I’m sure that I’ll make the right decision.
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