Applied Management Accounting(E)

level of course unit

First Cycle

Learning outcomes of course unit

· To analyze and interpret managerial accounting reports
that provides both objective measures of past
operations and subjective estimates about future
· To analyze and interpret cost behaviour.
· Describe and illustrate income analysis under various
costing assumptions.
· Describe the basic elements of the budgeting process,
its objectives, and its impact on human behaviour.
· To analyze the types of standards, how they are used
in budgeting and how they are established for
· Prepare a differential analysis report for decision

prerequisites and co-requisites

Basic knowledge of management accounting

course contents

1. Introduction: Overview about instruments and the
extent to financial accounting
2. Cost Management
- Traditional Overhead Allocation
- Direct Costing / Break Even-Analysis
- Activity based Costing
- Target Costing
3. Budgeting according a case study with financial
4. Investment Analysis
- Net Present Value, NPV
- Discounted Cash flow-method, DCF
5. Financial Review
- Earnings
- Asset and Financial Position

recommended or required reading

Atkinson, Anthony, Kaplan, Robert, Matsumura, Ella Mae,
Young, Mark and Kumar, Arun (2009) Management
Accounting, Pearson Education
Hansen, Don & Mowen, Maryann (2005) Management
Accounting Cenage Learning
Horngren, Charles, Sundem, Gary and Stratton, William
(1999) Introduction to Management Accounting, Prentice-
Hall of India Private Limited.
Shah, Paresh (2009) Management Accounting, Oxford
Higher Education

assessment methods and criteria

Final written examination

language of instruction


number of ECTS credits allocated


planned learning activities and teaching methods

Presentations, discussions, workshops

semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered


name of lecturer(s)

Prof. (FH) Dr. Markus W. Exler

year of study


recommended optional program components


course unit code


type of course unit

integrated lecture

mode of delivery


work placement(s)

not applicable

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