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Toyota KATA

Using the term KATA, Mike Rother, one of the pioneers of lean management, describes the necessary mindsets and behaviors of employees that allow the well-known lean management techniques to lead to long-term success.

Many companies find that they enthusiastically introduce elements of Toyota’s streamlined production system and, after a few years, discover that success has not materialized.

Now KATA focuses on leadership behavior and shows how the supervisor can use simple questions to lastingly motivate his or her employees to continually find and implement improvements on their own.
It is a systematic method leading to a sustainable culture of improvement.

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Practices and behaviors for the future

  • Using and developing human abilities
  • Developing a culture of learning, error, and innovation
  • Establishing trust and respect as a condition for innovation

The Management System at Toyota

  • Elements of sustainable, world-class management
  • Managers as trainers, teachers, and mentors

Culture of Sustainable Improvement

  • Identifying customer needs as a vision provider
  • Developing challenging target conditions
  • Working toward goals with the PDCA cycle

Starting immediately in your own company

  • Installing management structures and target processes
  • Introducing improvement as a daily routine

Target Group

In this leadership workshop, we present the next stage of development of lean management and lean thinking. The workshop will show you how to spark self-motivation and initiative among your employees to sustainably ensure continuous improvement, innovation, and, ultimately, competitiveness. The workshop is aimed at executives and top managers of any company interested in the continuous development of the business.

Seminar Facilitator

Gerardo Aulinger has been an avid Kata ambassador, management coach, business consultant, and speaker for more than 15 years. The focus of his activities is the testing, introduction, and development of modern management routines à la Toyota.