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Master's degree program

Vasileios Simitsis, MA
Vasileios Simitsis, MA Absolvent Jahrgang 2015, Senior Consultant EY - Ernst & Young

Für ein berufsbegleitendes Masterstudium könnte ich mir keine bessere Wahl vorstellen, vor allem vor dem Hintergrund, dass es dieses Curriculum in der Form nicht noch einmal auf dem Markt gibt.

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Stephanie Fähnle, MA
Stephanie Fähnle, MA Absolventin des Jahrgangs 2014, Teamleiterin SOS Kinderdorf International

Ich konnte mich aufgrund des Studiums und den daraus erhaltenen zusätzlichen Fachkenntnissen auf eine Teamleiterstelle bewerben und habe diese noch während des Studiums angetreten.

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Franziska Grätz, MA Alumni study year 2013, Process Specialist Rheinmetall MAN

I was looking for a degree program that would allow me to focus on both economics and engineering. During my search, I found the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences that, because of its location, caught my eye.

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Dipl. Ing. Markus Schafferer, BSc, MA
Dipl. Ing. Markus Schafferer, BSc, MA Alumni study year 2010, SAP project engineer, TIWAG, Innsbruck

This program convinced me to attend through its balanced combination of economics and engineering with an emphasis on management disciplines.

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Stephan Schaeffler, MA, Absolvent Jahrgang 2011 Senior Project Manager, Computacenter AG, München

When I saw in a newspaper that the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences offered a program combining both fields and in a very cost-friendly way to boot, it was clear to me that this was the right program for me.

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Dipl.- Ing. (FH) Michael Kübel, MA Alumni study year 2011, Head Operational Excellence, Sandoz, Kundl

The investments made started to bear fruit quickly and the acquired knowledge yearns to be applied.

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Mustafa Coskun, MA, Alumni study year 2010 Service Desk Team Lead, Allianz, München

Through studying, I was able to link theory and job experience, which led me to be able to apply for higher positions.

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Katharina Gierer, MA, Alumni study year, IT-Spezialist Build Management, BMW AG BMW AG, München

I liked the English lecturers, which I used to improve my English even further.

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Michael Mittermaier, MA, Alumni study year 2012 Consultant, Sopra Steria Consulting, München

After doing the Business Information Systems Bachelor's degree, I wanted to consolidate the professional direction I was going in, through a Master's degree.

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MMag. Adelheid Mayr
MMag. Adelheid Mayr Graduate year 2009 and Application Consultant, IT Retail, Swarovski KG, Wattens/Tirol

“The program appealed to me above all because of its focus on current, market-related business processes and ERP systems…”

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Ing. Mag. (FH) Markus Bucher
Ing. Mag. (FH) Markus Bucher Graduate year 2009 and Employee, Plansee Gruppe, Breitenwang/Tyrol

“Above all, I am interested in this study program, because it focusses on current and market-oriented subjects in the field of ERP systems and process management”.

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