European Energy Business PT

European Energy Business PT

Master's degree program

Profile of the program

The part-time master’s degree program European Energy Business has been conceived for practitioners involved in the energy business, in energy purchasing for industrial customers, in the energy supply industry, in energy service providers and in energy-related government agencies, who are interested in pursuing further education and a higher qualification while continuing to work. The program affords students a fruitful learning environment in which they can exchange ideas and experiences with a heterogeneous group of classmates and lecturers, all with varying backgrounds in the energy business. What’s more, the program consists of both intensive on-site and practical e-learning phases. The on-site blocks give students the opportunity to deepen and consolidate their understanding of the concepts through intensive group work and discussions. The e-learning phases allow students to study when it is most convenient for them.


  • provides numerous opportunities to apply acquired knowledge through case studies
  • blocked on-site and convenient e-learning phases make it possible to study while continuing to work
  • affords participants an interdisciplinary education
  • offers a supportive, extensive industry network that allows students to connect with other practitioners
  • brings in international lecturers from well-known companies in the industry

Vocational fields

  • Energy consultancies and freelance consulting
  • Corporations in the energy sector
  • Energy procurement departments in heavy industries
  • Research and analytic departments in banks
  • National and international regulatory authorities
  • National and international institutes and institutions

Program focuses

  • 37% energy business
  • 25% business administration & law
  • 20% complementary competencies & knowledge application
  • 18% management & leadership

The curriculum offers students a broad, interdisciplinary approach that combines technology and economics, two fields that are characteristic for the energy business, with a strong focus on management issues particular to the energy business. For example, program participants deal with European energy law and acquire profound knowledge in managing and developing strategies for utilities and other corporations in the sector. Thus, through their engagement, students gain new perspectives from a range of interrelated fields. The value of this holistic approach should not be underestimated, especially in light of the dynamics that are inherent in today’s energy business.

In general, the courses in the program are held in German. However, because of the increasingly international orientation of energy providers and other key players in the industry, a conscious effort is made to invite lecturers from other countries, who may hold their lectures in English.



4 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Master of Arts in Business (M.A.)

Language of instruction

86% German, 14% English

Semester abroad



€ 363.36 + € 19,20 student union fee per semester

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Places per year


Level of qualification:
second cycle, master

Admission requirements:
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