Bio Inspired Engineering


To graduate from the Master's degree program bio-inspired engineering and obtain the academic title of Master of Science in Engineering (MSc), the following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • course attendance
  • written exam in each module

Course attendance regulations

Course attendance of at least 90% must be achieved to be allowed to sit the written final exams.

Written exams

The Master's degree program bio-inspired engineering includes the following types of exams:

  • module exam (for each module)
  • assignments (particularly for the MOOC reflections of sub-modules)
  • projects (particularly for practical exercises in the lab)
  • Master's thesis viva

The module exams are worth 70% of a student's overall grade. Module exams are usually two-hour long written exams. However, after consultation with the director of studies, alternative methods of examining might be permitted. The module exam will take place at the end of a module within a block of courses and will be scheduled with sufficient preparation time in mind.

The other 30% of a student's overall grade is calculated from the performance on assignments and projects. Assignments are individual, clearly defined homework assignments (e.g., a written reflection on a scientific paper). Assignments serve the purpose of preparing for and following up on sub-modules. Assignments are also used to grade students in MOOCs. Projects are usually carried out over a longer period within modules. They draw on knowledge acquired from a various of sub-modules and take place as practical exercises in the biomimetics lab (I-IV). The focus is on the practical implementation of knowledge (e.g., through prototypes, feasibility studies, analyses, or computer programs).

The Master's thesis viva completes the degree program and allows the program participants to defend their work against critical, interdisciplinary questions asked by an examination committee.

Grading scheme

The grading schemes are as follows:

  • Excellent (Sehr gut): 100 - 90 %
  • Good (Gut): 89 - 80 %
  • Satisfactory (Befriedigend): 79 - 70 % 
  • Sufficient (Genügend): 69 - 60 % 
  • Fail (Nicht Genügend): 60 - 0 %

In case an exam is graded as a fail, a written repeat exam must be taken. In case the repeat exam is also negative, the scientific director decides any further procedure.


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