Bio Inspired Engineering

Certificate Modules

The Master's degree program bio-inspired engineering (MSc) also welcomes people who are not doing the full degree program, offering them the chance to earn a field- and sector-specific certificate based on a set number of ECTS points. For a certificate, participants need to take a predefined set of modules and lectures that they take with the regular Master's degree program students.


Master's degree based on accumulated certificates

It is possible to accumulate individual module certificates to obtain an MSc degree in bio-inspired engineering. For that, at least two certificates must be accumulated within seven years. In addition to the individual modules, only the normal degree program's admission requirements must be fulfilled, a total of 120 ECTS must be acquired and a Master's thesis (worth 18 ECTS) must be completed. This system bears the advantage of allowing people to obtain a Master's degree who need a slower or more flexible training than the standard two-year degree program.

If three module certificates are completed within seven years, only a Master's thesis must be written to obtain the degree of Master in Bio-inspired Engineering. The thesis only must be applied for within the seven-year period; another consecutive three years can be used to actually complete the thesis.