Diversity Management, Inclusion & Family Friendliness

The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences’ mission statement is based on measures involving several social dimensions. The mission statement includes the commitment to living the university’s international network and diversity and promotes the understanding of people from different cultures. At the core of the work carried out at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences is our effort to support students through personal and individual assistance. It is a key concern embedded in a university community based on mutual respect, appreciation and nondiscrimination. We know that each of our university’s members find themselves in different situations. That is why nondiscriminatory access to education, the best possible studying and working environment and a good social framework are of utmost importance.


The topic of inclusion focuses, on the one hand, on nondiscriminatory access to education for all people regardless of physical disabilities or chronic/mental illness. We aim at providing to all students and applicants studying conditions at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences that are optimal for them. On the other hand, inclusion also deals with impaired teachers and other members of staff.

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A Family-Friendly University of Applied Sciences

The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences aims at providing good social conditions for both staff and students to allow them more easily to reconcile studying, working and having a family. In 2012 and again in 2015, the university was awarded the certificate for hochschuleundfamilie of the Federal Ministry for Family and Youth.

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Gender Mainstreaming & Diversity Management

Diversity management deals with integrating diversity into the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences and with nondiscrimination regardless of someone’s origin, nationality, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, skin color or disability. Gender mainstreaming focuses on gender equality and support for women. The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences aims at providing to all members of the university a campus of diversity and equality on which discrimination does not need to be discussed as it simply does not exist.

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News of the FH Kufstein

„Strategieentwicklung für die Praxis“ geht in die dritte Auflage

Die Veröffentlichung „Strategieentwicklung für die Praxis. Navigieren, verändern und umsetzen“ von Prof. (FH) Dr. Roman Stöger wird bereits zum dritten Mal vom Schäffer-Poeschel-Verlag aufgelegt.

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Der Studiengangsbereich Facility Management & Immobilienmanagement der FH Kufstein Tirol ist derzeit auf der größten Facility Management Messe mit Kongress im deutschsprachigen Raum tatkräftig vertreten.

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Drei Events und jedes ein Erfolg: Facility & Real Estate Management an der FH Kufstein Tirol

Der WinterCongress ist weit über Kufstein hinaus etabliert. Die WinterSchool bringt Studierende aus aller Welt zusammen, mit einem besonders spannenden Projekt. Die jüngste Veranstaltung ist die Business Conversation, eine Karrieremesse für die FM&REM-Branche.

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