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Nina Karner - Sport-, Kultur- & Veranstaltungsmanagement

Just as diverse as the Sports, Culture & Event Management degree program is the life of one of its first graduates: self-employed PR consultant, mother and mountaineer

In 2001, Nina Karner decided to enroll for the new Sports, Culture & Event Management degree program, which she completed four years later. Immediately afterwards, she gained some experience of a different kind altogether: “I became a mother”, the young businesswoman explains. Knowing from experience how unthinkable it was to return to the events industry as the lone parent, she studied Journalism while she was on maternity leave. She started as a Press Officer at an internationally successful solar-thermal company and later moved to an up-and-coming communications agency. Suddenly she was stuck on the horns of a dilemma: be a mother or pursue a career? Last spring she made up her mind and chose self-employment. Today at her company Leuchtturm Kommunikation she writes as a freelance journalist for Kufsteinerin magazine and is co-authoring a film script and writing copy for websites and brochures. Her best moment? One of her high points, both professionally and personally, was her interview with extreme mountaineer Gerlinde Kaltenbrunner.

At the university of applied sciences she found the lecturers from business and industry and the wide-ranging education particularly beneficial. In this way she could continue on her path despite drastic changes in her circumstances and make use of the knowledge she had gained.


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