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Internship Guide

Duration of the internship

 The professional internship in the 6th semester* must be done at a single stretch and must have a minimum duration as specified by the curriculum of the student’s degree program.
 Earliest possible start: March, or after the end of the winter semester
 Latest end point: June, or before the beginning of the following winter semester

Scope of responsibilities in the internship

It is essential that the work students do in the context of their internship comprises qualified tasks and assignments that are commensurate with the education and professional objectives of the students. Students are expected to consider their internship options carefully and to choose an internship in a sector, company, department and field of activity that is relevant to their studies. The director of studies must approve of each internship in advance, and to do this, the students must submit a job description (see the form “Job Description”) for the desired internship early enough. Students must also submit the job description form in cases where the internship position was acquired by the FH Kufstein.

Interim and closing reports for the internship

Students are obliged to write an interim report four weeks into their internship and a closing report within two weeks after the end of their internship. More exactly, the closing report must be submitted within two weeks after the minimum duration of the internship (as stipulated by the curriculum of the respective degree program) or at the latest by 31 July of a given year. Both documents are to be submitted by uploading them into the designated course set up on the Weblearn platform.

Forms, scholarships, information related to the internship
 The Weblearn platform gives students easy access to all internship-related forms, which can be downloaded at their convenience. A detailed description for accessing these documents can be found in the document

Internships acquired by and made available through the FH Kufstein

Career Services and the degree programs of the FH Kufstein regularly acquire companies interested in hiring a qualified student and cooperate with those companies which had or currently have an intern from the FH Kufstein working for them. The FH Kufstein provides these companies with the following:


  • a general description outlining the framework requirements for the internship;
  • a handy form for entering a description of the company as well as the project or job connected with the internship; and,
  • if desired, a brief description of specific degree programs at the FH Kufstein and a list of proposals for suitable functions that an intern may take on.

Finding a suitable internship on one’s own

Naturally, students are also free to look for an appropriate internship through their own initiative.

Students, who search for an internship independently, must ensure that the work placement fulfills the same criteria as the internships acquired by the FH Kufstein. In any case, students must submit the form “Job Description”, which outlines the scope of the internship, and this placement must be approved by the director of studies.

Starting with the end of November of every year, internship offers from companies are posted in the forum on the Weblearn platform, and students can view them directly or download them. Students should be aware that new offers are posted continuously all the way through January and that the list of companies the FH Kufstein is in contact with is regularly updated.

Applying for an internship and having it approved

The application period for internships runs through until the end of January of a given academic year. The students must announce their desired internship placement in writing – by means of the form “Job Description” – to their degree program by 31 January (for IBS: 28 February) at the latest. Students are asked to submit the form via Weblearn by uploading it into the designated location. The director of studies of the respective degree program is responsible for reviewing and approving the internships.

If there is some reason for wishing to switch to another internship BEFORE or AFTER the start of the original internship, please consult the Internship Guide (see p. 7) for a description of the necessary procedures.

Linking the professional internship with the bachelor thesis

Students are strongly encouraged to develop a synergy between their professional internship and their bachelor thesis. The advantage for the students is that they can bring the theoretical knowledge acquired while researching the literature into their work assignment, and can draw on their practical experience to take a deeper, more consolidated approach to answering their research questions.

In any case, when linking the internship with the bachelor thesis, students must go far beyond simply composing a narrative report on their experiences during the internship; for the bachelor thesis, students are required to comprehensively deal with the scientific theory related to their focus. For all questions regarding the bachelor thesis, students should turn to their director of studies and/or thesis supervisor.

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