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The FH Kufstein Tirol places great emphasis on internationality in teaching and learning. As languages are an important component of internationality, perfect foreign language training plays an important role. Teaching and learning service center for Languages was created at the FH Kufstein for this particular reason. It promotes multilingualism and handles requests for language training and certification. Consultations can be arranged at any time.

Good language skills are not only necessary when studying abroad but also prepares students for their future jobs. After all, multilingualism is of great importance within the cross-border  EU economy. Demand is on the rise for graduates who are ready for the international labor market.

Quality and modern TEACHING

The foundations for excellent language training are excellent teachers. Right from the beginning the FH Kufstein has worked with native speakers teaching their mother tongue. All teachers are highly qualified and regularly participated in training sessions to deepen and expand their knowledge.

A multimedia language lab particularly suited for teaching languages promotes a modern teaching environment and modern teaching techniques. The FH Kufstein also places great importance on communicative and practical language courses. Quality assurance of language training is ensured by the FH Kufstein’s membership of UNIcert® / AKS which is linked to independent quality control of all accredited institutions.


UNIcert®, AKS, CercleS (European Confederation of Language Centres in Higher Education)


At the FH Kufstein students receive professional training in the following languages: English, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin) and Hungarian. Soon students will also have the option to choose Polish and Slovak. (a minimum number of participants is required for a course to start)

Training in Kufstein takes place in language groups with the smallest possible number of participants. The skill levels comply with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). This framework divides language training into basic users (level A1 / A2), independent users (level B1 / B2) and proficient users (level C1 / C2).


Acquiring a high level of language skills is a part of any academic profile. However, certificates and qualification profiles vary greatly from one higher education institution to another. For this reason they sometimes only are of limited value for graduates. Certifications of established standards, institutions or brand labels can provide a solution. The Competence Center for Languages currently offers two different labels.

UNIcert® by AKS is a foreign language certificate for higher education. This five-level certificate can only be awarded by accredited members. FH Kufstein has been an accredited member since 2003. This accreditation was most recently renewed in 2012.

Cambridge certificates are known worldwide. Higher education institutions, employers and education authorities value these certificates as proof of high level language skills FH Kufstein offers preparatory courses for taking the exam at a Cambridge Open Centre.

R&D, cooperation & research IN teaching

Teaching and learning service center for Languages places its academic focus on the following areas: dictionaries, English as an international language (intercultural pragmatism), computer-based analysis of language, corpus linguistics, discourse analysis, media usage in language teaching, blended learning and general didactic research.


Question: How do I provide proof of language skills for my stay abroad?
Answer: This is handled differently depending on the respective study program. Please contact the assistant in charge of your study program.

Question: How do I get credits for language skills already acquired at a different higher education institution or in a different study program?
Answer: Each request is examined and decided on individually. Please contact the assistant in charge of your study program.

Question: How do I choose my second foreign language?
Answer: If you do not have to choose it when enrolling, the study program or assistant of your study program will announce the dates in good time.

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