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Process Management at FH Kufstein Tirol

FH Kufstein Tirol has opted for process-oriented quality management covering all areas of the university. This includes the recognition, directing and controlling of processes. Its purpose is the planning, management and reviewing of business processes to provide the university with information and allow for process coordination. The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences describes its process management with the help of flowcharts in which all the institution’s relevant processes and all interfaces to external processes are depicted.


What is a process?

  • A process transforms an input into a concrete output.
  • A process consists of sub-processes.
  • A business process is a sequence of related corporate chores with the purpose of providing internal or external customers with their desired services.
  • An end-to-end process (i.e., a process with a definite start and end point) is initiated by a customer's request and concludes with the delivery of a service to that customer.


FH Kufstein Tirol graphically visualizes its processes using a specific notation. The visualization is supported by the process management software ADONIS and includes control, core and support processes.

The most current version of the process map is always accessible to all staff members through the university’s intranet. Each activity shown in the map includes information about who carries out the step(s), who is responsible for it/them, who is involved and who is told relevant information. Additionally, the system allows for important process-related documents (guidelines, templates, etc.) to be directly selected and opened within the system.

The entire process management is based on continuous improvement, i.e., the quality control loop (plan-do-act-check, in short, the PDCA cycle).