Katharina Böhler

Graduate year 2010

  • Why have you decided for the master’s degree program “Facility and Real Estate Management”? What makes it special for you?
    On the one hand, I have always been interested in this subject and on the other hand, after completing my studies in business, I wanted to have a practical further training in the field of real estate management.

     I especially like the design of the study program with the wide range of subjects. I decided to specialize in "Real Estate Management" and see it as very positive that the basics of facility management are taught as well.

  • What courses have you attended so far and what have you learnt?
     The courses so far attended cover a wide range of subjects. Each course was comparatively new to me and, as I come from another industry, highly informative.The lecturers have an incredible know-how. Coming from university, I am always surprised to be involved in the courses here.
  • Have you already worked on a project? What was it about? What have you contributed?
    Our first project is still in its initial stage. We will travel to Vienna end of May and hold a scientific lecture about the development of the real estate markets in Vienna and Eastern Europe in front of a real estate investor who is active all over Europe.
  • To what extent, do you think, are job, studies and private life compatible?
    Studying and working at the same time is of course an additional challenge, but feasible. In the beginning, I had to get used to not having the week-end at my disposal any longer. But I, as well as my personal environment, got used to it quickly. Furthermore, two years of studies are a manageable period of time.
  • What career opportunities do you expect from your master’s degree?
    Completing this master’s degree program enables every graduate to professionally develop. Coming from another industry, I hope to be able to make many contacts in the Real Estate World - apart from acquiring new knowledge.