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Stephan Schaeffler, MA, Absolvent Jahrgang 2011

Senior Project Manager, Computacenter AG, München

Why did you choose the ERP Systems & Business Process Management Master's program? What makes it special for you?

Before starting to study at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, I had been planning for a while to learn more about ERP systems and process management through a part-time scheme (how else?), which was also affordable. When I saw in a newspaper that the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences offered a program combining both fields and in a very cost-friendly way to boot, it was clear to me that this was the right program for me. After all, the industry's demand for the combination of these two fields is now higher than ever. The good travel connection from Munich to Kufstein, the university's modernness, the unique price-performance ratio and the area's beauty led me to my instant decision to apply and enroll at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences. This was also in spite of living basically next to the Technical University of Munich and already having a university degree.

How easy is it to reconcile working, studying and having a life?

As an IT project manager, the workload varies greatly from quiet to very busy. Unfortunately, while studying at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, I was very busy at work and under a lot of pressure with a project in Hamburg of all places, got married, had a baby, moved house and ran a marathon. So, it is manageable. What is important is to plan every day carefully, for example using time on flights from Munich to Hamburg to study and use the time well. Additionally, it is important to develop colleague-networks to exploit the collective's intelligence and to treat oneself to time off.

What job opportunities opened up to you through studying here?

Specifically, since finishing the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences program, my company has been using me as a project manager for process optimization projects; and that to an extent would be enough for three working lives. Besides working on process optimization for my own company all over Europe, I also work for other clients, for example, an automobile manufacturer in Baden-Württemberg, Germany, which is a world leader in pump systems.

What is your general impression of the degree program and the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences?

My general impression is – keeping all angles in mind – that it is excellent. I had the pleasure of having extremely competent teachers who were always working on improving their courses and teaching state-of-the-art knowledge, I made lasting friends, and was able to broaden my horizon. The study trip to St. Petersburg was simply unique.