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Consolidation Business Management

level of course unit


Learning outcomes of course unit

The students practice the acquisition of knowledge in a foreign language. They are able to understand subject-specific content in a culturally and socially foreign environment and to apply it to specific management problems in an international context.

prerequisites and co-requisites

All subjects of the first four semesters

course contents

Consolidation Business Management: Courses from the following three areas:

1. Management (e.g. Strategic Management, Competitive Strategies, Management of Multinational Corporations, Organizational Theory, Corporate Behavior, Corporate Culture, Knowledge Management, Management of Innovations, Business Ethics, Corporate Governance, Managerial Decision Behavior, HRM, etc.)

2. Marketing (e.g. Advanced Marketing Management, Consumer Behavior, Customer Service Excellence, Global Marketing, etc.)

3. Accounting / Finance / Controlling (z.B. Financial Management, Portfolio Management, Options and Futures, International Finance, etc.)

recommended or required reading

Depending on the subject focus of the respective elective subjects.

assessment methods and criteria

The evaluation methods and evaluation criteria are based on the curricula or specifications of the partner universities concerned.

language of instruction


number of ECTS credits allocated


course-hours-per-week (chw)


planned learning activities and teaching methods

The teaching and learning methods are based on the curricula or specifications of the partner universities concerned.

semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered


name of lecturer(s)

Director of Studies

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course unit code


type of course unit

integrated lecture

mode of delivery


work placement(s)

not applicable