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Within the context of their bachelor theses, students of the study program Business Management work on various business administration topics, which are illuminated both from a practical and a scientific point of view. The quality of some of works is exceptional and above-average, and these theses are then published in relevant journals. The students write the respective essays together with their supervisors. Their works contain the most essential research results and practical recommendations for action. Previously published essays by our students are listed in the following. Please contact us if you require more information with regard to content.

A shortage of staff and skilled workers as well as high fluctuation rates pose a particular challenge for the hotel and catering industry. In order to position yourself attractively as an employer, employer branding is a key factor that is breaking new ground in this area. This raises the question of how the attractiveness of the employer can be increased in general. In addition to a presentation of the theory of employer branding, data points in the hotel and catering industry in the Kitzbühel Alps were collected to answer this question as part of quantitative empirical research. Recommendations for companies are derived on the basis of the results. Possibilities for how even small companies without a lot of capital can increase their attractiveness as employers are shown.

Processed by:
Jennifer Koller, UF18

Published in:
Kampfer, K., Koller, J. (2020). Employer Branding goes Tourism. Tourismus Wissen - quarterly, 22

Im Rahmen dieser Studie wurden 114 österreichische KMU hinsichtlich unterschiedlicher Fragestellungen zu Factoring befragt. Das Ziel war es herauszufinden, inwieweit Factoring und seine Funktionen bekannt sind, welche Vor- und Nachteile mit dieser Finanzierungsform assoziiert werden und wie die zukünftige Entwicklung eingeschätzt wird.

Bearbeitet von:
Elias Ellemunt, UF.vzB.17

Publiziert in:
Situm, M., Sorrentino, G., & Ellemunt, E. (2020). Factoring als alternative Finanzierungsform für KMU in Österreich? Eine empirische Bestandsaufnahme. Corporate Finance, 11(9/10), 268-275.

According to the prevailing opinion, the CAPM and the calculation of the beta that it contains have established themselves in enterprise valuation theory and practice. The prevalence of the model is implicitly substantiated by the guidelines of IDW S1 in which the basic determination of enterprise valuation must be made according to the earnings value method and/or discounted cash flow method (DCF). However, in practice, it can be observed that when estimating the three parameters (a risk-free interest rate, market-risk premium, and company beta) there are sometimes large differences between valuators. These differences can be explained by the information asymmetry existing in the financial industry where the investor (or valuator) has different amounts of information for conducting the valuation, which causes differing estimations. The goal of the study was to find out which factors really must be taken into account for evaluation processes when determining equity costs of SMUs and how to proceed for determining the individual parameters of the CAPM.

Developed by:
Samuel Schildgen, UF.vzB.16

Published by:
Situm, M., Sorrentino, G., & Schildgen, S. (2020). Determining equity costs for small and medium-sized companies for an enterprise valuation with the CAPM taken into account: results of a survey of experts. M&A Review, 31(3), 60-66.

Unternehmen nutzen Influencer als Markenbotschafter und Multiplikatoren, um insbesondere die junge Zielgruppe durch neutrale und nahbare Fürsprecher zu erreichen. Studien zeigen, dass Influencer Einfluss auf den Kaufentscheidungsprozess nehmen, weshalb Unternehmen auch verstärkt an einer Kooperation interessiert sind. Die Art und Weise, wie Follower Influencer wahrnehmen, auch vor dem Hintergrund von Sponsored Posts, entscheidet mitunter wie die Botschaften eines Influencers klassifiziert werden. In Anlehnung an das Elaboration-Likelihood-Modell wurden in dieser Studie 290 Personen hinsichtlich ihrer Einschätzung zum Wahrheitsgehalt von Influencer-Posts mit besonderem Fokus auf „Sponsored Posts“ befragt. Die Ergebnisse zeigen u. a., dass mit steigender wahrgenommener Ehrlichkeit und Vertrauenswürdigkeit des Influencers der zugesprochene Wahrheitsgehalt von Influencer-Posts höher eingeschätzt wird. Dies mündet in eine höhere Informationsrelevanz der Influencer-Botschaften und wirkt auf den Kaufentscheidungsprozess.

Bearbeitet von:
Annalena Grüner, UF.vzB.17

Publiziert in:
Situm, M., Sorrentino, G., & Grüner, A. (2019). Effekte der Influencer-Wahrnehmung auf den Follower unter Berücksichtigung von Sponsored Posts. transfer – Zeitschrift für Kommunikation und Markenmanagement, 65(4), 48-53.

Insolvency rates in the tourism industry have been on the rise in Austria since 2013. However, this development alone does not depict the true extent of difficulties in the industry since there are still many companies that are in crisis and in danger of insolvency. Principally, the following applies: The earlier a crisis is recognized, the more cost-effective and expedient the initiated turnaround measures. The Balanced Score Card (BSC) is a possible instrument for early detection. The aspect of sustainability, which can be integrated with various approaches and parameters, should be especially important for such an instrument so that a Sustainability Balanced Scorecard (SBSC) can be developed and utilized. The article states which values an SBSC should include from a practical and scientific point of view and how such a scorecard should be explicitly designed for the tourism industry in order to achieve sustainable and long-term success.

Developed by:
Raphael Lechner, UF.vzB.16

Published by:
Situm, M., Sorrentino, G., & Lechner, R. (2019). Sustainability Balanced Scorecard im Tourismus. Tourismus Wissen - quarterly, 16, 99-104

Digital transformation in the area of supply chain management is becoming increasingly important in order for companies to maintain their competitive edge. The goal of the present study is to determine which technologies are relevant in today’s supply chain management, which are already being used and which can still be improved. Austrian companies were surveyed and the gained insights evaluated.

Developed by:
Christina Michaela Noppinger, UF.vzB.14

Published by:
Situm, M., & Noppinger, C. M. (2019). Herausforderungen im Supply Chain Management: Studie zum Einsatz relevanter Technologien im Rahmen von Industrie 4.0. Zeitschrift Führung + Organisation, 88(2), 83–90.

A brief summary of the results of the study is available here.

Online evaluations have meanwhile become an integral part in the information procurement process of customers. Whether for restaurant, product or even employer evaluations, everyone has the opportunity to state his or her opinion more or less anonymously – more or less objectively – and thereby act as a critic, consultant and the voice of the people. Experiential reports in form of symbolic stars or even verbalized critiques have meanwhile become part of the research process of customers and are thereby integrated in the decision-making process for purchases. The article is focused on determining the importance or power of these evaluations.

Developed by:
Thorsten Hein, UF.vzB.15

Published by:
Situm, M., Sorrentino, G., & Hein, T. (2018). Der Einfluss von Online-Bewertungen auf Kaufentscheidungen: Müssen Unternehmen umdenken? Marke41, 6, 8-13.

The relevance of influencer marketing has greatly increased in recent years and will continue to do so as long as social networking advances since companies, in the wake of the far-reaching social media range of influencers can provide a further digital touch point and benefit from the viral dynamism of utilized media. The basic form and effect of influencer marketing is not a totally new phenomenon as merely the stage and channel have been adapted to digital communications usage and trends. Within the context of performed interviews for influencers and marketing experts, the terms opportunities and risks of influencer marketing are discussed and contrasted from a double perspective and measures derived for operational practice.

Developed by:
Annachiara Hinteregger, UF.vzB.14

Published by:
Situm, M., Sorrentino, G., & Hinteregger, A. (2018). Influencer Marketing aus der Praktikerperspektive: Wie kann man eine gezielte Nutzung für Unternehmen erreichen? Marketing Review St. Gallen, 35(5), 66-75.