Marketing & Communication Management PT
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Collaborative partnerships

The bachelor study program Marketing & Communications Management and the extra-occupational master study program Digital Marketing provide a range of opportunities for collaborative partnerships.

Each semester, practical student projects are conducted with various companies in order to give students the opportunity to further develop within a specific subject area and gain practical experience. Motivated students work on their project under scientific conditions and provide creative and cost-effective solution concepts. Project cooperation is processed in a clearly defined time period and monitored by experienced teachers.

  • Project start: at the beginning of March and October
  • Project duration: at least 4 months (Semester 1)
  • 4-8 students work on the project and are supervised by experienced teaching staff.
  • Scientific writing and recommendations for action
  • Extensive results documentation
  • Individual project costs depending on work expenditure and group size
  • Domestic or foreign companies and institutions may participate regardless of their size or number of employees.
  • Final commissioning by means of a project contract

Project cooperation can encompass the following marketing areas:

Marketing and Management

  • Creating marketing concepts
  • Market research and market analyses
  • Media planning
  • Product management
  • Creating sales concepts

Communication and Management

  • Creating communication concepts
  • Public relations concepts
  • Developing image campaigns
  • Event management and project management
  • Internal communication
  • Media consulting

Multimedia and Online Marketing

  • Graphic, design and image processing
  • Social media optimization
  • Website creation

Marketing Concept

An online and offline brand presence was designed for the underwater photographer Katja Hirner. A uniform corporate design, a professional website and social media pages were created on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Communication Concept

Within the context of the planned real estate project of the company KATHREIN Group SE & Co.KG, requirements, competition and media analyses were performed in order to modify apartments according to the wishes and desires of prospective renters. An extensive communications concept was created for this purpose.


The company Cald’oro commissioned a requirements and market analysis based on the pending expansion into the German and Swiss market. Students also worked on acquiring new potential sales partners.


Based on the survey of the company Bora with 10,000 participants, insights were gained about the demographic characteristics, media usage, cooking behavior, brand preference and payment willingness of customers. Various buyer personas were created from this in order to better determine target groups.

Market Research

A qualitative market analysis was performed for the company Kleen-Tex in order to determine the expectations of potential and existing customers. For this purpose, students developed an interview guideline and conducted in-depth interviews and telephone interviews.