Internationaler Restrukturierungs- & Sanierungs-Professional

Module contents

Module 1  Brief and company analysis

Stakeholders & company turnaround team

  • Approach and planned phases of a restructuring process
  • Important measures for successful projects; objectives and fundamental conditions
  • Distinction between restructuring consultancy and interim management

Potential analysis & leadership

  • Leadership and management aspects
  • Role of the CRO in the turnaround process
  • Short-term liquidity measures

Module 2  Restructuring process

Change management

  • Phase models and the individual steps of change management processes
  • Dealing with emotions within the change process
  • Success factors of successful change processes during restructuring

Communication in crisis

  • Crisis communication and crisis PR
  • Different degrees of communicative crisis
  • Factors in successful crisis PR

Module 3 Legal parameters

German or Austrian law, electively

  • Grounds for insolvency and measures to avoid them
  • Stages of an insolvency procedure
  • Turnaround during insolvency procedure or imminent insolvency
  • Turnaround measures under company law
  • Aspects of civil and criminal liability applying to corporate organs
  • Relevant aspects of employment law

Module 4  Restructuring measures

Financial restructuring

  • Financial turnaround measures for equity and debt capital
  • Special forms of turnaround financing (mezzanine loans including participating loans, silent partnership, recapitalization, profit-participation rights, convertible bonds)
  • Distressed M&A and asset deals as value-oriented company disposals

Performance restructuring

  • Causes of company crises
  • Measures to safeguard liquidity
  • Restructuring in the functional divisions of the Company

Module 5 Strategy formulation and control

Restructuring and turnaround strategies

  • Basic structure based on requirements of credit institutions
  • Requirements pursuant to German Institute of Auditors (IDW) Standard S6 (D) and Guideline on Viability Prognosis (A)
  • Scope of the strategy and flanking measures during implementation

Integrated planning and control systems

  • Significance, application and instruments of analysis
  • Establishing a reporting system and key design elements in reporting
  • Introduction of “crisis cockpit” as a tool for early crisis detection

Current as of August 2014