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Social hands

Social hands is a young, registered association, which aims to help people in need in Upper Austria. My name is Kathrin Vatier. I am a board member of Social Hands and I made it my goal to help socially disadvantaged people. There should always be time for charity work. This is why I would like to briefly present our association.

We do not see ourselves as a typical donation organization but as a charitable community which resolves, finances and realizes projects and events. Social Hands is organized and managed by the executive board and the advisory board.

How do we help?
Social Hands provides almost all of its donations in material form rather than in cash. However, we are generally open to offer different kinds of support wherever it is needed.

For information on our past projects, please go to our website

Logo Kiwanis International

Kiwanis Young Professionals Kufstein

A club for people with a positive attitude who want to shape their future, maintain friendships and enjoy sharing their talents.

For details, see here.

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Genefy is a student-run business consultancy at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences. It allows dedicated and creative students to think outside the box when it comes to developing ideas and broadening their horizon beyond their program lectures. Motivated by our interdisciplinary training, we want to help your business to better understand current topics and maintain a straight course even in times of economic turmoil. Our consultancy focuses on current topics in energy management, business development and new marketing concepts.

Gruppenbild von Jugendlichen vor dem Jugendtreff St. Severin

Youth meeting St. Severin

My name is Katharina Aigner and I established the Youth Meeting St. Severin in the year 2012. The reason behind my initiative was that I wanted to offer the kids in the neighborhood a place to meet, get to know new friends, and have fun; and a place where they can find somebody to talk to when they need somebody. The Youth Meeting St. Severin takes place every Friday evening. Young people and teenagers age 12 and above get to meet, play games and much more. More info: Facebook: Catherine Raphaela, Tel: +43 660 5524966, Email: