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Area Studies: East Asia and Oceania, Latin America

level of course unit

first cycle, Bachelor

Learning outcomes of course unit

Students will:
be able to compile academic analyses of region-specific issues;
be able to critically reflect on regional and cultural differences and similarities.

prerequisites and co-requisites

not specified

course contents

This interdisciplinary course provides an introduction to the political, economic and cultural situation of a world region. Students can choose which region to study (East Asia and Oceania, Latin America, Africa, etc.). The course provides students with intensive preparation for study abroad.

recommended or required reading

Aitchison, J.: How Asia advertises: the most successful campaigns in Asia Pacific and the marketing strategies behind them. New York, 2003.
Barthel, G. (Hrsg.): Lexikon arabischer Welt: Kultur, Lebensweise, Wirtschaft, Politik und Natur im Nahen Osten und Nordafrika. Wiesbaden, 1994.
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Duncan, R.: Contemporary America. Basingstoke, 2002.
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Heimann, S.: Das politische System der Volksrepublik China. 2. Aufl., Wiesbaden, 2004.
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Staiger, B. (Hrsg.): Länderbericht China: Geschichte – Politik – Wirtschaft – Gesellschaft – Kultur. Darmstadt, 2000.
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Warner, M.: Culture and Management in Asia. London, 2003.
Weggel, O.: Die Asiaten. München, 1989.

assessment methods and criteria

Scientific paper and/or presentation

language of instruction


number of ECTS credits allocated


planned learning activities and teaching methods

Lecture, group work, presentation and task discussion

semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered


name of lecturer(s)

Dr. Mag. Philipp Schmädeke,Dr. Karin Schreiner, MA

year of study

2nd year

recommended optional program components

not specified

course unit code


type of course unit


mode of delivery

In-class course

work placement(s)

not applicable