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Bachelor's degree program

Profile of the Program

This degree program is taught primarily in German.

This educational program encourages students to conceptualize practical solutions to Internet-related issues. Students acquire an understanding of the structure and functionality of Web-based business models, applications and technologies as well as Web 2.0 techniques and IT security, i.e., areas that represent the pillars of this degree program.

Graduates of the program will have acquired solid foundations in cloud computing, service oriented architectures, mobile applications and Web design & usability, paired with comprehensive knowledge of process oriented business administration. Thus, they will be capable of effectively communicating with and mediating between technical departments and expert users – regardless of the business field – for the purpose of driving innovation. At the core of the degree program are two integrated, practical projects, which are carried out by students for actual clients in the industry. Furthermore, the program has a strong international character: students learn two foreign languages, participate in a semester abroad, and do an internship lasting a minimum of ten weeks.


  • combines Web business and Web IT
  • focuses on Webbased business models and web-based technologies such as cloud computing, Web design, IT security, usability as well as mobile applications
  • fosters competencies in conceiving solutions – from idea creation to implementation
  • offers a semester abroad at one of our partner universities around the globe

Vocational fields

  • Web marketing management
  • business administration / IT department management
  • software development
  • Web consulting
  • IT operations
  • external services (application service provider)
  • entrepreneurship


  • 16 % Web-Business
  • 42 % Web-Technology
  • 17 % electives
  • 25 % knowledge application

Thinking in Webbased business models is the starting point for understanding organizational and technical processes. Therefore, as part of this degree program, students deal with the latest concepts in business administration in parallel to the related, essential Web-based technologies. The program offers students an enriching environment in which they learn the tools of the trade: for example, programming in C# and Java, software development as well as the development of Web-based applications with cutting-edge Web 2.0 technologies, such as SOA, cloud computing and mobile applications. Particular emphasis is placed on the complete conceptualization of IT solutions, giving students a professional qualification profile that meets the demands of the dynamic business world.

As regards the integrated practical projects with clients in various industries, students are given responsibility for carrying out their assignment independently and successfully. The program also offers seminars on management skills and legal aspects to round of the students’ qualification profile.

A three-month semester abroad, an internship of at least ten weeks and a foreign language as an integral part of the curriculum form the international element of our program.

Recognition of prior learning

Students have the opportunity to have courses credited to them with previously acquired competencies before the start of the respective semester. The crediting is done by an application directly to the director of studies. 



6 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Bachelor of Sciences in Engineering (BSc)

Language of instruction

69 % German, 31 % English

Semester abroad

Organized stay abroad, 5th semester, internship in the 6th semester (also possible abroad)**


Euro 363.36* (excl. Student Union-fees) each semester

Organisational form


Places per year


* Information for third country students 
** Travel expenses for the semester abroad are to be covered by the students themselves or are supported by a grant.

Admission requirements:

Level of qualification:
first cycle, bachelor