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Business Ethics, Compliance & Law 2

level of course unit

Master course

Learning outcomes of course unit

Graduates are familiar with further ethical and legal requirements for data processing and are able to discuss these with respect to data-driven projects. They are able to analyze the usage of large data volumes and utilization strategies based on these ethical and legal framework conditions and develop procedures.

prerequisites and co-requisites

Business Ethics, Compliance & Law 1

course contents

This lecture focuses on applicable national and international law with respect to big data and specifically deals with the rights of individuals in regard to personal data. Content from the first part is consolidated in this second part of the two-part course. Furthermore, the topic of company compliance is discussed within the context of data processing, e.g. based on the example of common reference process models for data-processing organizational units (such as ITIL, COBIT, etc.).

The course content predominantly encompasses the following topics:
-Data transfer within companies, nationally (e.g. Telecommunications Act, Data Protection Ordinance, Teleservices Act) and internationally (e.g. EU-US Data Protection Shield)
-Reference process models (e.g. ITIL, COBIT)

recommended or required reading

- Floridi, L. (2015) The Ethic of Information. 1. Auflage, Oxford University Press, Oxford (ISBN: 978-0198748052).
- Gola, P.; Reif, Y. (2016) Praxisfälle Datenschutzrecht: Juristische Sachverhalte Schritt für Schritt prüfen, bewerten und lösen. 2. Auflage, DATAKONTEXT, Frechen (ISBN: 978-3895777677).
- Lynskey, O. (2016) The Foundations of EU Data Protection Law. 1. Auflage, Oxford University Press, Oxford (ISBN: 978-0-19-871823-9).
- Taeger, J. (2014) Datenschutzrecht: Einführung. 1. Auflage, Deutscher Fachverlag, Frankfurt am Main (ISBN: 978-3800515370).
- Worms, N. (2010) Informationsethik und Online-Netzwerke: Im Spannungsfeld zwischen strukturellen Bedingtheit und Privatsphäre. 1. Auflage, VDM Verlag Dr. Müller, Saarbrücken (ISBN: 978-3639320602).

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