ERP Systems & Business Process Management PT
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Graduates / students:
know the benefits of e-procurement
know foundations of e -procurement (players, business models, etc.)
know operational function "procurement" (elements - sourcing, ordering , processes ( Rfx ) , types of goods , etc.)
know the e-procurement processes depending on different products ( SRM , e -ordering , e-sourcing
know key performance indicators in procurement
know main providers of e-procurement software

prerequisites and co-requisites

not applicable

course contents

Procurement (supply management, procurement process, types of goods , ABC - analysis , procurement strategy , key performance indicators)

Basic concepts of e–procurement
Foundations of e-business ( business models , players , electronic platforms , electronic market places)
Partial concepts of e-procurement ( e -procurement types , savings potential , overview SCM , SRM, e-logistics , e-collaboration )

E- Supply Management as an integrated overall concept
Derivation of E- Supply Management ( problems of conventional models )
E-procurement (definition, elements of e-procurement (e-sourcing, e-ordering) , the use of electronic tools , selection of electronic tools )

recommended or required reading

Ehrmann, Harald; Logistik.- Kiehl; Ludwigshafen; 2005.
Günther, Hans-Otto; Tempelmaier, Horst: Produktion und Logistik; Berlin; Springer; 2005.
Wannenwetsch, Helmut: E-Logistik und E-Business.- Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, 2002.
Chaffey, Dave: E-Business and E-Commerce, 2nd Edition, Englewood Cliffs, Prentice Hall, 2011)
Kollmann, Tobias: E-Business, 4.Aufl.2011

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Dr. Stoll Patrick

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in-class course

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