Sports, Culture & Event Management PT
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Sports, Culture & Event Management PT

Master's degree program

Profile of the program

This degree program is taught primarily in German.

This master’s degree program provides a sound interdisciplinary management education with an international orientation. Special emphasis is placed on supporting students in acquiring leadership skills. Graduates are thus well-prepared to take on planning, controlling and managerial responsibilities in the sports, culture and events sector.


  • 35% of classes taught in English
  • Focus on the teaching of management competence
  • Strategic management training program with an emphasis on sports, culture and event management

Vocational fields

  • Sports management: sports marketing agencies, sports communication agencies, organisational committees for large sports events, sports goods industry and trade.
  • Culture management: cultural organizations such as museums, opera houses, theaters, concert halls; festivals; film and music industries; creative industries.
  • Event management: events agencies, conference and exhibition centers, trade fair and exhibition agencies, and marketing departments of businesses.

Extensive Field and Management Expertise

Within the field of sports management, there is a focus on sports marketing, athlete and team management as well as research and development. In culture management, the focus is on cultural economics, cultural skills and integrative case studies. And in the area of event management the emphasis is on event networking and marketing, event design and event control.

Selected special events such as fairs, road shows and tours are dealt with in project work. Other features of the degree program include a “Future Workshop on Sports and Culture”, as well as courses on strategic management and innovation management.

The students are encouraged to independently develop solutions for complex problems with the help of grounded knowledge in planning, managing and controlling operational and external processes.

Essential Soft Skills

Fostering students' social skills is another integral part of this degree program, whereby special attention is paid to techniques in planning, decision-making and negotiating as well as conflict management. Aside from the specialized lectures offered in English, the strong international orientation of the education is reinforced through the study of a second foreign language (Spanish, French, Italian, Russian, Arabic or Chinese). The study trip abroad promotes professional, methodical, social and intercultural competencies and, as a result, helps to cultivate the expertise of our students as professionals in the field.



4 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Master of Arts in Business (MA)

Language of instruction

65% German, 35% English

Semester abroad

Week abroad in the 2nd semester


€ 363.36 + € 20,20 student union fee per semester

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Places per year


Level of qualification:
second cycle, master

General admission requirements:
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