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Web Communication & Information Systems PT

Master's degree program

Course profile

This degree program is taught primarily in German.

The Master’s degree program in “Web Communication & Information Systems” concentrates on building competence for the planning and development of complex Web-based applications, and coordinating, consulting or leadership functions at management level.


Equal Opportunities Scholarship for nationals of third countries (non-EU, non-EEA and non-Swiss nationals)

A special scholarship for applicants for the Master’s degree program in Web Communication.


  • Top career prospects thanks to the combination of technology and management
  • Accumulation of know-how about mobile platforms and complex Web-based applications
  • Practice-focused special expertise e.g. in Cloud services, CMS, e-commerce, CRM, DMS and collaborative systems
  • Management of complex software-system development and introduction processes
  • Individual choice of specializations

Vocational fields

  • Media agencies & Web-focused companies
  • IT consulting for DMS/CMS
  • Project leadership/technical management for complex Web projects and applications
  • Strategic development of Web-based business models and innovations
  • Management of software development for complex Web-based systems
  • Marketing & communication consulting specifically for online marketing

Emphasis of studies

  • 42 % Technical expertise in Web technologies
  • 11 % Management & leadership competences
  • 22 % Specialized & generic qualifications
  • 25 % Independence & problem-solving skills

Web-based Systems professionals

The core of the qualification profile and hence the primary training objective is all-round knowledge of Web-based systems at a high level.

The typical features of this degree program include the development of skills for recognizing patterns and processes and for rapid familiarization with new topic areas. These kinds of systems may be located on the public Web (Cloud services, content management systems, e-commerce systems, etc.) or inside the company (ECMS, CRM, portal systems). 

Combining technology & management

At the forefront of the degree program is the development of wide-ranging technical knowledge in the fields of Web communication and information systems. Alongside the key properties of distributed IT infrastructures such as scalability, security and availability, the portfolio of the Master’s program includes tried-and-tested skills in the management of complex software system development and introduction processes. These elements are complemented by subject knowledge on the social impact of Web-based software systems (social software).

In addition, professional project and quality management is integrated into the teaching content and elective subjects are used to individualize the training profile. Thanks to the unique overlap of content with the Master’s degree program in “Digital Marketing”, students of both programs learn an interdisciplinary way of working and are thus prepared for the challenges of heterogeneous working environments.

More activities of the degree program can be found on: WEBTA - Institute for Web Technologies & Applications

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4 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Master of Science in Engineering (MSc)

Language of instruction

75 % German, 25 % English

Semester abroad

Week abroad, 2nd semester


€ 363,36 + € 20,20 student union fee per semester

Organisational form

(Friday afternoon and Saturday)

Places per year


Level of qualification:
second cycle, master

General admission requirements:
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