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The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences' LEAN Lab allows us to apply and experience a wide range of lean methods and tools in a realistic environment.
Participants can enrich their knowledge in all sorts of fields from workplace design to value stream mapping. This is why the LEAN Lab is used in our LEAN training of managers and staff in other positions.
Congratulations to the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences' team for their successful training factory.

Profilbild Thomas Willmann

Thomas Willmann
Director Business Excellence
Swarovski Professional

We have been planning the realization of lean basic training for about 1.5 years. What we do not want is theory-heavy, ineffective lecturing. Instead, we can use the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences' LEAN Lab, which allows us to learn about individual LEAN tools outside the usual environment.

"I did it myself" - Remarkably, within a 1.5-day training session, participants produce a LEAN Watch, which they can take home as an award for their performance. I am very pleased about actively continuing this cooperation with the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences.

Profilbild Markus Grünwald

Markus Grünwald
Manager Operations
Freudenberg Sealing Technologies Austria

Making industry is a social act while doing research is an act of responsibility: I think that Lean Lab is the perfect synthesis between them! This workshop is the new paradigm of training factory where students and company managers are offered the opportunity to achieve operational excellence. It combines the mastery of the technical tools and organizational models with the most advanced practical experiences.

The Lean Lab introduces attendees to the challenges of innovation in the new context of the Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 era, facing the levers of competitiveness and focusing on technology and innovation, by providing them the most modern technologies. All this in a constant dialogue between various technological partners, like KanbanBOX, companies and the area of research. It surely is the perfect training framework that helps small businesses to grow, the medium ones to become big and the big ones to become multinationals!


Francesco Dall’Oca
Managing Partner