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LEAN Basis Training

Lean management 

  • is a mindset used in many successful companies for continuous improvement.
  • stands for processes that are geared towards the customer to deliver the desired quality quickly and easily.
  • puts the employee in the spotlight and encourages him or her to independently design their work environment.
  • provides an approach and comprehensive set of methods to organize the workplace and improve collaboration.
  • encourages managers to trust their employees, encouraging them to demand the freedom they need to improve daily.

Lean Basic Training

Next date: 
11. - 12.06.2024

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Understanding Lean Management 

  • Current problematic situations in companies
  • Goals and solutions of lean management
  • Using the creativity and initiative of employees

Learning about lean techniques

  • Creating an overview – value stream diagram
  • Detecting waste – value stream analysis
  • Avoiding searches – 5S
  • Avoiding mistakes – Poka Yoke
  • Creating standards – standard work
  • Avoiding downtime – continuous flow
  • Lowering stocks – Kanban
  • Creating transparency – visual performance management
  • Continual improvement – Kaizen

Understanding Lean Guidance

  • Leadership as coaching and mentoring
  •  Understanding change processes

OPTIONAL: Start immediately in the company

  • Transfer project in your own company

Target Group

The Lean basic course is aimed at team/shift supervisors and workers in any company interested in continuously improving and developing the business. The course provides a basic understanding of lean management. It shows easy-to-implement techniques, how to improve workplaces, and how to foster cooperation with other areas. Participants can directly apply what they have learned in the LEAN Lab. Thus, experience can be gained, initiative is encouraged, and enthusiasm can arise. Optionally, right after completing the course, participants can take part in a transfer project, implementing what they have learned under a coach’s supervision in one of the participating companies.

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