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Intercultural Theory

level of course unit

second cycle, Master

Learning outcomes of course unit

The students know how to understand and judge different intercultural situations on the basis of an a sensitive understanding of their own cultural determinations. They are in the capacity to mention important current point of views from the intercultural research discussions in the field of cultural anthropology, cultural sociology and the cultural studies. They are able to reflect the difficulties of hybrid cultural systems within an globalized world within the different dimensions of economy, society and politics.

prerequisites and co-requisites

not applicable

course contents

The course focuses on historical and current discourses from the field of Intercultural Theory and positions from Cultural Anthropology. The course examines the practical consequences of Intercultural Theory for Economy and Society with a special view of the problem of misrepresented cultures within a global media society. From Franz Boas to Julia Kristeva, Clifford Geertz, Bruno Latour, Homi Bhaba and Edward Said the course discusses the different opportunities how to understand cultural behavior and intercultural pattern, visible and invisible ones. Abstract thinking and discussing is a very important competence which shall be learned.

recommended or required reading

Barker, C. (2014): Cultural Studies: Theory and Practice. Sage
Edgar, A. (2007) (ed.): Cultural Theory. The Key Concepts. Routledge
Henze, R. & Wolfram, G. (2014):Exporting Culture? Which Role for Europe in a Global World. Springer
Inayatullah, N. & Banley, D.(2012): International Relations and the Problem of Differences. Routledge
Kristeva, J. (1991): Strangers to Ourselves. Columbia University
Müller-Wille, L. (2014): The Franz Boas Enigma.Baraka
Storey, J. (2014): Cultural Theory and Popular Culture. Routledge

assessment methods and criteria

written examination

language of instruction


number of ECTS credits allocated


planned learning activities and teaching methods

integrated course, case studies, discussion, group work

semester/trimester when the course unit is delivered


name of lecturer(s)

Prof. (FH) Dr. Sibylle Moser

year of study

1st year of study

recommended optional program components

not applicable

course unit code


type of course unit

compulsory (lecture)

mode of delivery

in-class course

work placement(s)

not applicable


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