Bild eines Absolventen

Christopher Robert Vocke, B.A.

Graduate (year 2009)

It was special because the class was more diverse than a normal marketing or business lecture.
  • Why have you decided on the master degree program „International Business Studies“? What does make it special?
    The reason I chose FH Kufstein in general was because they had offered a master’s program in marketing which was conducted in English but in comparison to master’s degrees in the US was much more affordable for me. I chose the “International Business Studies” program because it was advertised as offering a lot of practical and international experience in marketing. It was special because the class was more diverse than a normal marketing or business lecture, bringing a wider spectrum of ideas and viewpoints to the table. It also allowed me to hone my foreign language skills in German with native speakers.
  • Which lectures have you attended up to now and what have you learned?
    The master’s program IBS included a lecture called Advertising and Promotion which I enjoyed a lot because we had the opportunity to actually create a hypothetical advertising campaign in print form after interpreting the goal statement of a company. Many case studies were discussed in class during our marketing courses offering great insights into real-world companies and their successes and failures. The master’s program also included numerous economics courses like International Economics and Advanced Economics which served to round out our marketing theory courses with empirical studies and formulas.
  • Have you already participated in a FH project? What was it about? What have you contributed?
    I did not formally participate in any FH projects but I have attended career seminars available for any student to attend, I have gone to SKVM (Sports, Culture & Event Management) student events, and I have begrudgingly tried some of the dance courses offered at the FH.
  • Which career plans do you have?
    I plan to work in the field of advertising where I will hopefully be doing copywriting and making entertaining commercials and print advertisements. I would like to do this somewhere warm and preferably with a beach nearby.