International Business Studies* VZ
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Teresa Nisch, MA
The international orientation of the study program and of the university itself gave me an insight into how to handle cultural differences and consumer requirements, which is now helping me at work. Teresa Nisch, MA,
Graduate, New Product Development Manager, Ranir GmbH
Laura Drahuniak, BA,
The diversified course with practical and international focus equipped me with the necessary skills to begin my career. Now I am able to put the knowledge to use in my daily work as a business manager. Christina Gergs, MA,
Graduate, Manager Process Excellence, Robotics/AI, UBS
Reinis Vaivods, MA
The International Business Studies master’s study program is an excellent academic experience, where people from different countries and backgrounds continuously work together. Reinis Vaivods, MA,
Graduate, Senior Analyst, Prudentia Investment Banking, Riga
Markus Mottinger, BA
The IBS study program conveys a very comprehensive understanding of which challenges companies will encounter over time and how these challenges can be conquered as well as possible. Markus Mottinger, BA,
An exchange semester made me aware of the high quality of the FH Kufstein – the competent, international lecturers, the extracurricular student activities, the helpful stuff and the resources. Sara Naamad, MA,
Sameer Maqsood, MA
The time spent at the FH Kufstein Tirol was splendid and has helped me to grow better professionally and personally. My experience has been a mix of both positive times and challenges which prepared me for the future and is helping me a lot at my work. Sameer Maqsood, MA,
Graduate, Assistant Manager Digital Marketing, AL Fares International Tents, Dubai
My team and I accompany you on your path to a career in International Business and Management. With its exceptional practical orientation and unique specialization (Marketing or Finance), this master’s degree opens your door to success on a competitive international job market! Prof. (FH) Dr. Peter Dietrich,
Director of Studies International Business Studies
Hjordis Wagenaar, MA
I appreciated the mix of both theoretical and practical perspectives which taught me how to analyze and evaluate problems, but also how to tackle them best and create and implement a solution for everyday business. Hjordis Wagenaar, MA,
Graduate, Transport Manager, LKW Walter AG
What I like best about my study program is that everything is in English, I was able to specialize in marketing and I met lots of new and international people. Anna Magdalena Thaler,
Yiming Yang, MA
The marketing, negotiation, and entrepreneurship courses have provided me a solid foundation to help me tackle the daily tasks at work. Yiming Yang, MA,
Graduate, Country Manager - China,
Shan Mahmood, MA
The marketing courses during my studies, particularly retail marketing, consumer behavior and other marketing courses come really handy many times at my current work. Shan Mahmood, MA,
Graduate, Marketing & Sales Controller, KUK Handels GmbH
Amalia Ion, MA
The format of the study program – the courses, their content and structure - allows for the development of a wide range of skills fundamental both to people wishing to become professionals in a certain field of activity, and to entrepreneurs. Amalia Ion, MA,
All in all, I think that these studies are preparing me well for my future professional life, and represent a stepping stone for an international career. Anne Stöckmann, BA,
Many case studies were discussed in class during our marketing courses offering great insights into real-world companies and their successes and failures. Christopher Robert Vocke, BA,