International Business Studies VZ
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The diversified course with practical and international focus equipped me with the necessary skills to begin my career. Now I am able to put the knowledge to use in my daily work as a business manager. Christina Gergs, MA,
UBS, Manager Process Excellence
My team and I accompany you on your path to a career in International Business and Management. With its exceptional practical orientation and unique specialization (Marketing or Finance), this master’s degree opens your door to success on a competitive international job market! Prof. (FH) Dr. Peter Dietrich ,
Laura Drahuniak, BA
Anne Stöckmann, B.A.
Due to the fact that the programme is fully taught in English, lecturers from the UK, Ireland, Australia etc. are commissioned. Anne Stöckmann, B.A.,
Graduate (year 2009)
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It was special because the class was more diverse than a normal marketing or business lecture. Christopher Robert Vocke, B.A.,
Graduate (year 2009)
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An exchange semester made me aware of the high quality of the FH Kufstein – the competent, international lecturers, the extracurricular student activities, the helpful stuff and the resources. Sara Naamad, BA.,
Graduate (year 2009)