Training contract

Before enrolling in a degree program at the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences, a training contract must be signed by the future student and the university.

This contract states all of the student's and university's rights and obligations.

Main duties of the student (extract) 

  • Attendance of all courses and cooperation in proving attendance, active and constructive participation in courses and at university
  • Active participation in evaluations
  • Compliance with the Student Guidelines, the General Examination Regulations, the house rules and any other rules and guidelines
  • Payment of the tuition fees, deposit and students' union contributions
  • Approval of the use and disclosure of personal data if required by the university or by law


The Kufstein University of Applied Sciences is obliged to plan and carry out the degree program within the normal time allotted to the program. Corresponding to the degree program's educational goal, the required lectures, infrastructure and facilities will be made available.

Further contract content

  • Obligation to confidentiality and due diligence
  • Copyright, usage and exploitation rights
  • Termination of the training contract
  • Liability for damages
  • Interruption and repetition of an academic year


Degree program applicants who were granted a program place will be sent two copies of the training contract. The future student must sign one copy of the contract and return it to the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences. Prerequisite for the admission to the chosen degree program is the timely return of the contract and the timely payment of the tuition fee, students' union contribution and deposit.

Important legal documents regarding studying at an Austrian university of applied sciences

  • FHStG—University of Applied Sciences Studies Act
  • HS-QSG—Act on Quality Assurance in Higher Education

General Study and Examination Regulations of the Kufstein University of Applied Sciences

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