Language Courses

Whereas most of the regular courses held at FH Kufstein are taught in German, the courses of the International Program are all held in English. International students have the possibility to take German language courses as part of their academic program.

The FH Kufstein places great emphasis on offering students an international and multicultural education. Besides English, students have the possibility to choose from a range of other foreign languages. However, apart from these required courses, students may opt to participate in the foreign language courses offered through FH Kufstein’s Qualification Center - Michelangelo. These supplementary courses are not for credit, but students receive a certificate and take away a wealth of knowledge about language and culture.

The lectures and seminars organized by the International Program are held in English. Also, there are a number of courses, held in English, in the regular study programs at the FH Kufstein which are open to the students of the International Program. Furthermore, the students of the International Program are encouraged to take part in a German course during the semester.

News of the FH Kufstein

Drehleiterfahrzeuge optimal platzieren mit dem Advanced Location Finder

Im Zuge des FM & REM Kamingespräches der Facility & Real Estate Management Studiengänge wurde der Advanced Location Finder (ALF) vorgestellt. Er hilft beispielsweise Feuerwehren bei der Wahl des Aufstellorts des Drehleiterfahrzeugs.

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Energiewirtschaftsteam besucht Europas höchste PV-Anlage

Das Studiengangsteam Europäische Energiewirtschaft der FH Kufstein Tirol hat sich von der Effizienz und Arbeitsweise von Europas höchstgelegenem Photovoltaikkraftwerk überzeugt.

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Ausbildungspreis der Branchenverbände für Facility ManagerInnen der FH Kufstein Tirol

Die Facility Management Austria (FMA) und die International Facility Management Association Austria (IFMA) haben sieben Arbeiten aus den Facility-Management-Studiengängen der Fachhochschule Kufstein Tirol mit ihrem renommierten Ausbildungspreis ausgezeichnet.

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