Johanna verbringt im Rahmen ihres Bachelorstudiengangs Internationale Wirtschaft & Management ein Jahr in Vlissingen, Niederlande. Ihre Erlebnisse prägen sie und sie sammelt viele positive Eindrücke.
FH Kufstein Tirol
Johanna spends a year in Vlissingen, Netherlands, as part of her Bachelor’s degree in International Business Studies. She found her experiences impactful and gained many positive impressions.

Year Abroad in the Netherlands

02.04.2024 | International
Johanna Braun is studying International Business Studies at the University of Applied Sciences (FH) Kufstein Tirol and is currently spending a year studying at the partner university in the Dutch province of Vlissingen. She wanted not only to expand her academic knowledge but also to make international contacts.

With its picturesque coastline and lively student atmosphere, Vlissingen was the perfect choice for Johanna Braun. She chose the partner university in Vlissingen because she found the courses interesting and the area exciting. Therefore, her expectations of the year abroad were very high: “I not only wanted to expand my academic knowledge but also make international contacts and develop personally,” says the student.

The highlights

When it comes to the special features, Johanna’s eyes light up, and she happily reports, “The best thing about my year abroad so far is the variety of friendships I’ve made. Spending time with fellow students from all over the world and traveling together has broadened my horizons.” The city trips to the Netherlands and Belgium during her free time make her stay even more interesting and varied. “It’s incredible to experience the culture and history of these countries up close,” she enthuses. However, her biggest learning is living independently and leaving her comfort zone. Moreover, she is also losing her fear of public speaking.

The daily study routine

Johanna recognizes some differences compared to everyday study life at the Kufstein campus. “In Vlissingen, the academic year is divided into quarters, and we have a fixed timetable for each quarter,” she explains. “This is an interesting change and makes everyday study life more structured.” Johanna has also noticed how the lunch breaks are handled. “Here, people prefer to grab a quick snack or bring something homemade. Nobody takes much time for lunch,” she says. “And the bike is the preferred means of transportation – no matter what the weather.” Johanna lives in a shared flat in a centrally located building near the university and train station.


Johanna’s year abroad has undoubtedly enriched her personal and professional development. The support from the FH Kufstein is excellent, and there is always regular contact with the International Office at the partner university. “I recommend that you carefully consider the courses on offer when making your decision and refer to experience reports. Then your stay abroad can be an unforgettable and formative experience.”