International Business Studies FT
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International Business Studies FT

Bachelor's degree program

Profile of the Program

This degree program is taught primarily in German.

To be able to face global change effectively, you need technical expertise, flexibility, the ability to solve problems independently, as well as firm associations with foreign cultural groups. The international and multicultural orientation of this degree program, as well as its solid and practical business training enable students to think and act with a global and interdisciplinary mindset.


  • Top program in company analysis and process management
  • Major plus: international business and multicultural outlook
  • Multilingualism greatly enhances career opportunities
  • Year abroad, partner universities and partner companies worldwide

Vocational fields

  • Imports/Exports (Regional Managers),
  • Marketing Departments and Institutes,
  • Advertising Agencies, Consultancy Firms,
  • Sales, Controlling, Personnel Management,
  • Finance/Investment Managers, Risk Managers,
  • Product or Quality Management,
  • International Organizations (EU, UN etc.),
  • International Non-Profit Organizations,
  • Research and Teaching, Independent Activities


  • 30 % Practical Training & Empiricism
  • 24 % International Marketing
  • 24 % Strategy & Management
  • 18 % Leadership & Social Skills
  • 4 % Stay Abroad

Living Internationality

A fixed component of the course is a minimum ten-week traineeship abroad or at an international company at home, as well as an organized year abroad. This year is spent at one of the partner universities around the world. This extended stay abroad allows students to develop their specialized qualifications and furthermore improve social, methodological and intercultural skills. The study of two foreign languages (English, French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Chinese*) in small groups, as well as seminars on developments in the economic policy and culture of specific geographical regions highlight the international orientation of the degree program.

Excellent Career Prospects

An international approach, mobility, multiculturalism and flexibility; this is what distinguishes graduates of this program. The degree qualification enables students to either study further for a Master’s Degree or to embark immediately on a career. Having gained specific international expertise in the fields of marketing, management and financing and with a solid interdisciplinary education, graduates find a range of job opportunities available to them in all areas of industry. They will be in a position to meet the demands of new occupational fields, particularly at interfaces between various business fields.

Recognizing and reacting to changes in markets. Understanding foreign cultural groups and speaking their language. My place is out there, in the big, wide world.

* a minimum number of participants is required for a course to start



6 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Bachelor of Arts in Business (B.A.)

Language of instruction

54% German, 46% English

Semester abroad

Two organized semester’s abroad, 5th & 6th semester


€ 363.36* + € 20,20 student union fee per semester

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Places per year


Level of qualification:
first cycle, bachelor

Admission requirements:
view this link.

* Third country students: