International Business Studies PT
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International Business Studies PT

Bachelor's degree program

Profile of the Program

This degree program is taught primarily in German.

This part-time version of the program gives employed persons the opportunity to study for a Bachelor’s degree in “International Business Studies” as well. With lectures on Friday afternoons, Saturdays and a series of lecture blocks, the program is even suited to those in full-time employment.


  • Top program in company analysis and process management
  • Major plus: international business and multicultural outlook
  • Multilingualism greatly enhances career opportunities
  • Periods of time abroad

Vocational fields

  • Imports/Exports (Regional Managers),
  • Marketing Departments and Institutes,
  • Advertising Agencies, Consultancy Firms,
  • Sales, Controlling, Personnel Management,
  • Finance/Investment Managers, Risk Managers,
  • Product or Quality Management,
  • International Organizations (EU, UN etc.),
  • International Non-Profit Organizations,
  • Research and Teaching, Independent Activities


  • 27 % Marketing & Internationalization
  • 26 % Social/Methodological Skills
  • 20 % Finance Management & Statistics
  • 17 % Business Studies & Management
  • 10 % Business Projects / Practical Training

Multicultural Orientation

Like the full-time version, this program provides students with a fundamental understanding of business studies, in the fields of controlling, personnel management and market research, for example.

Also included are seminars on global economic and cultural developments, courses in psychology, law and business ethics as well as in social skills. Studies also focus heavily on international specialization, firstly by offering a qualification in two languages: from semesters 1 – 3 this involves English as standard; from semester 4 you can choose from French, Spanish, Italian, Arabic and Chinese. Secondly, the degree program fosters students’ mobility and multiculturalism by incorporating two one-to-two week stays abroad. There is no work placement in the part-time version of the degree program.

A Range of Skills

Having graduated with this Bachelor’s Degree, students are equipped to either pursue a career immediately or to go on to study for a Master’s degree (also possible abroad).

Thanks to the sound business training with a strong practical basis and intensive international orientation, graduates find a great many career opportunities open to them e.g. in imports and exports, in international organizations or in global marketing institutions.

Today in France, tomorrow in China, then home the day after. Living and working with an international mindset. That’s how I want my work days to look.



6 semesters

Qualification rewarded

Bachelor of Arts in Business (B.A.)

Language of instruction

67% German, 33% English

Semester abroad

Organized stay abroad, 5th & 6th semester


€ 363.36* + € 20,20 student union fee per semester

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Places per year


Level of qualification:
first cycle, bachelor

Admission requirements:
view this link.

* Third country students: